Auto Pilot for Physiology

Auto Pilot for Physiology

Aithre's newest product is sort of an autopilot for physiology.  The Altus Avi features push button electronic flow control and iOS app control to regulate the flow of oxygen based on real sensed parameters.

The device includes a battery operated electronic box that straps to the Aithre oxygen bottle.  The Aithre bottle includes a tube that splits into the electronic box with on line being manual backup in the event of electronic malfunction or low battery.  With the Aithre oxygen bottle on, the Aithre Avi then controls the flow of oxygen.  

The easiest setting is to simply push the oxygen button to start the flow of oxygen.  Without using an iOS device, the push button electronic button starts and stops the flow electronically.

However, when the iOS device is paired to the Altus Avi, the Aithre Connect app can be used to set an AUTO mode where oxygen starts and stops based on user-defined parameters for altitude, blood oxygenation, heart rate, and carbon monoxide.  The electronic flow control is then automatically started and stopped when these thresholds are crossed.  

For instance, AUTO mode can be set for automatic flow of oxygen when crossing an altitude of 8500 or 12500 or when the blood oxygen dips below 92% or when the heart rate increases above 100 bpm, regardless of altitude.  

This will offer an increased level of safety to support oxygenation when it is needed while permitting manual override and backup connections.

aithre oxygen bottle 152L

Aithre connect version 10.0 With Ios control of oxygen flowAithre Altus avi avi8 oxygen flow control electronic push button