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Semi-Built-In 2 Bottle Oxygen & Hypoxia System for Experimental Aircraft (4 Place)

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This semi-built-in two bottle oxygen system combines the convenience of portable oxygen with the elegance of behind-the-panel plumbing and the safety of remote oxygen push-button control with rollover control.  

For experimental aircraft only, two portable oxygen bottles are positioned in the baggage area and plumbing is run behind-the-paneling to seat and panel locations.  The AVI64 EX smart oxygen valve is colocated with the oxygen bottles with bottle switching control and an integrated high sensitivity flow meter permitting remote valve on/off control using a panel positioned custom O2 illuminated button.  A separate safety bypass line with a manual butterfly valve is provided to control oxygen independent of the AVI64EX.  Oxygen pressure and high sensitivity flow rate information are provided to the Aithre Connect iOS app and the flow rate and bottle pressure are available on the G3X or Dynon Skyview using an analog input.

The oxygen bottles are 925L and 152L carbon fiber composite bottles with aluminum linings.  A combined regulator valve is provided for each bottle with always-on 50 PSI main and backup lines and backup hose barbs for independent access to 0-25LPM oxygen.  

The Altus Avi64EX built-in smart valves allow you to control your oxygen valve and switch between valves with a push button or via our iOS application using the optional auto mode, with selectable auto valve settings based on oximeter, heart rate, carbon monoxide, and pressure altitude.  The AVI64EX smart valve is a small enclosure case powered by 12V ship power.  It is mounted proximate to your oxygen bottle with the remote oxygen button positioned on your avionics panel to permit remote on/off control of the oxygen valve.      

Included in the AVI64EX is a high sensitivity optical flow rate sensor that provides real-time precise flow rate information from 0-2.3 LPM with a resolution of 0.1 LPM.  Two Altus Meso smart pressure sensors are built in to the AVI64EX smart valve to allow you to additionally measure pressure in the two oxygen bottles wirelessly.  The pressure and flow rate data are available on your iOS device via the Aithre Connect app.  The flow rate and tank PSI data is further available to your G3x or Dynon Skyview using analog outputs.

The panel and seat cannula plugs are Mountain High CPC quick connect plugs and included are cannulas integrated with the MH-3 flow meters for chest level flow metering using an intuitive floating ball and altitude line.


  • 925L Carbon Fiber Bottle
  • 152L Carbon Fiber Bottle
  • Adjustable Flow Combined Regulator/Valve with Bypass, Backup Hose Barb with 0-25LPM Flow, and Integrated One-Way CGA-540 Fill Valve (2)
  • MH Bottle Mount System (2)
  • Avi64EX Smart Dual Valve with Optical Flow Meter, Analog Flow Output, and Push Button
  • Mountain High MH-3 Inline Cannula Flow Meter (4)
  • Mountain High Oximizer Cannula (4)
  • Uni-Flo2 Single Prong Cannula (4)
  • MH CPC Bulkhead Cannula Quick Connect Fittings (4)
  • Push-to-Connect Bulkhead Fittings (2)
  • 6mm Poly Plumbing (50 ft)
  • Plumbing Push-To-Connect Fittings Assortment (8 Right Angle, 8 Tee)
  • Manual Butterfly Valve
  • Aithre Altus Meso Wireless Pressure Gauge (2)
  • Aithre Shield EX 3.0 Carbon Monoxide Detector with Illyrian and Meso compatibility to G3X and Dynon Skyview
  • Aithre Illyrian Smart Oximeter
  • iOS Aithre Connect App
  • Tube Cutter


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