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Aithre Altus AVI8 Smart Valve 2-Place w/ Altus Meso & Aithre Illyrian

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Turn any oxygen cylinder into a smart bottle with the AVI8 Smart Valve with Altus Meso and monitor your blood oxygenation in real-time.

The Altus AVI8 is perfect for pilots that want more from their existing portable oxygen system, like push button control and in-app pressure monitoring.  Keep your existing tank and regulator and add the AVI8 to benefit from the in-app auto mode, with auto valve state based on oximeter, heart rate, carbon monoxide, and pressure altitude.  Plus, monitor your tank pressure from the backseat using the included Altus Meso wireless pressure monitor and benefit from real-time SPO2 readings using the award winning Illyrian wearable oximeter.  

Installation of the AVI8 is simple when using any Mountain High or Precise Flight regulator with the provided male CPC type plug.  Plug the male CPC type plug into your regulator and then plug your cannula into the AVI8 female port - that's it.  Aerox and other brand regulators may also work, but call to confirm the fitting type before purchase.  

The Altus Meso wireless pressure gauge fits any oxygen cylinder using the provided high pressure t-fitting that is inserted in place of the manual pressure gauge.  The Altus Meso plugs into one opening of the t-fitting and the manual pressure gauge goes back on the other opening of the t-fitting.  Make sure to empty your oxygen tank before installation though.  And, call ahead if you have an exposed shoulder that would prevent rotation of the t-fitting - we have a high pressure extension available for these cases.

The Aithre Illyrian adds additional safety through constant SPO2 monitoring with in-app outputs and trend monitoring plus Siri and popup notifications for thresholds.  Simply place the Illyrian under your ear cushion just lower of your earlobe or place the pad on your forehead.  The provided USB power bank, or ship USB, ensures a reliable continuous readout of your SPO2 to give you confidence that your supplemental oxygen use is sufficient.   

The AVI8 smart Valve is a battery powered device with a handle button.  The AVI8 is strapped to the bottle with the provided rubber mount and VELCRO strap.  From there, the AVI8 accepts the 6mm plumbing line from the regulator and provides the output flow via a cannula CPC quick release plug.  The AVI8 will pass oxygen to the cannula when the button is pushed or the iOS app can be used to set automatic parameters for heart rate, blood oxygen, altitude, and carbon monoxide.  The AVI8 includes two output ports for single or dual users. 

The AVI8 is battery powered with normal mode OFF.  This means that you must confirm the batteries are charged and have sufficient power to maintain oxygen flow. Battery life and flow rate should be monitored in the app and using the in-app notifications.  And, the Illyrian should be worn to provide quick notification in the event oxygen flow is disrupted for any reason.

The AVI8 is a constant flow device, meaning the oxygen is not pulsed.  You can use it with a conserving cannula or an inline flow meter, such as the MH-3 flow meter.  


  • Altus Avi8 Smart Valve Controller including Optical Flow Meter
  • 4 Lithium Ion 3.7v Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Push Button Handle with Custom O2 Backlit Button
  • Silicone Rubber Bottle Mount with Strap
  • iOS Aithre Connect App
  • Aithre Illyrian Wearable Oximeter 
  • Aithre Altus Meso Wireless Pressure Gauge w/ Manual Backup


  • Oxygen Cylinder and Regulator
  • Cannula
  • Inline MH-3 Type Flow Meter


  • 50 PSI Rating
  • Optical Flow Measurements 0-2.3 LPM in Increments of 0.1 LPM
  • 12V Power Using Supplied 4 x 3.7 Lithium Ion "AA" Batteries
  • No-Screw Quick Change Battery Compartment
  • Water Resistant Sealed Housing
  • Rechargeable Batteries (Charger Included)
  • 6+ Hrs Flow Life w/ In-App Battery Monitoring
  • Wireless Connection to iOS Phone/iPad
  • 2 MH-Type Quick Connect CPC Cannula Plugs
  • 2.5 ft length 0xygen Button & Handle