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Aithre AVI8 2-Place Install Kit w/Pilot Backup

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This semi-installed kit is an upgrade to the AVI8 smart oxygen system, enabling your portable AVI8 and 152L or 925L bottle to be easily dropped into and removed from a built-in oxygen plumbing and electrical system.  Meaning, your 152L or 925L bottle can be removed for refilling or when not required, but quickly hooked-up for an installed oxygen experience.  


The AVI8 handle button is replaced with a standalone bulkhead mounted button with rear locking nut that electrically couples to the AVI8 using a quick release plug.  The wires are extended from the O2 button behind the paneling to the aircraft baggage compartment where a quick release electrical fitting enables connection to the AVI8 smart oxygen valve.  


The kit provides the plumbing, mounts, and ports to enable all of the plumbing lines to be concealed.  This includes a generous supply of push-to-connect elbows, straight extensions, and tubing.  Additionally, mounting brackets are provided with hardware to secure the plumbing.  


Also provided are components to removably secure and couple the AVI8 and bottle within the baggage compartment of your experimental aircraft.  This includes a rubber high-strength and easy-use bottle mount, bulkhead quick release electrical connector, and bulkhead push-to-connect fittings for plumbing attachments.


The kit further includes nickel-plated brass bulkhead female quick release plugs for your cannulas.  These cannula plugs are easy to mount with a rear locking nut and a hose barb to receive the plumbing line.  Operation is simple with button release of any inserted cannula.


While we designed the AVI8 for smart pulse operation, we are pilots and builders ourselves and concerned with safety.  Accordingly, we provide with every kit a backup continuous flow system that is independent of the AVI8 and not dependent on electricity or circuits.  The continuous flow system includes the plumbing and fittings to extend the built-in flow meter output of the Aithre bottle regulator to the pilot position.  An additional bulkhead backup cannula port is provided that includes an internal check valve and that enables quick access to continuous flow oxygen for any reason.  Simply turn the regulator dial to the desired backup flow rate and the backup system is loaded with low flow oxygen for use during flight using the same cannula for AVI8 smart pulse. 


  • 30 feet polyurethane plumbing lines for 2 place smart pulse
  • 10 feet polyurethane plumbing lines for pilot backup continuous flow
  • 6 plumbing mounting brackets
  • 4 push-to-connect straight extensions
  • 14 push-to-connect elbows
  • 1 push-to-connect Y
  • 1 push-to-connect T
  • 3 bulkhead push-to-connects for baggage compartment
  • 2 bulkhead cannula quick connect plugs without check valve for smart pulse
  • 1 bulkhead cannula quick connect plugs with check valve for continuous flow backup
  • 2 2ft AVI8-to-baggage wall plumbing lines
  • 1 tube cutter


  • AVI8 and bottle
  • Aithre USB receptacle or 12V ship power


  • Aithre's smart pulse system only is tested and warranted with this semi-installed kit.
  • Aithre does not support other plumbing and fitting systems.  
  • Do not retrofit the AVI8 into existing systems or use your own plumbing selections.
  • Warranty voided with use of any any non-Aithre regulator or plumbing system.
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