Sensor Boards

Our BLE-enabled sensor boards are available for purchase or customization for prototyping and integration into your specific application.

Analog Output Carbon Monoxide Sensor Board with BLE

This board accepts 5V input and provides a voltage output linear to the concentration of carbon monoxide present.  The carbon monoxide values are simultaneously output via BLE.  With a working temperature of -10 to + 50 Celsius and a footprint of approximately 1.5" x 1.5", this board can be useful in a variety of custom applications.

Oximeters with BLE

With have single and double sensor oximeter boards with tiny footprints that are BLE enabled.  These sensor boards accept 5V power and return via BLE both pulse rate and SPO2 data.  These boards are designed to sample SPO2 data just below the earlobe against the skin and can be used in headsets, ear cushions, headbands, or other custom articles.  Multiple oximeters can be used simultaneously.  

High Pressure Liquid and Gas Sensors with BLE

This sensor board includes a high pressure sensor with 1/8" or 1/4" NPT threads suitable for measuring up to 2500 PSI of non-corrosive gas or liquid pressure.  The sensor board outputs the pressure via BLE to enable remote monitoring of gas or liquid.  The board can be powered by 4AA batteries or other dedicated voltage source.  Multiple pressure sensors can be used simultaneously.

Custom Boards

We have the expertise to partner with you to adapt our sensor boards, BLE output, and design custom iOS applications for your particular business and technology needs.