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Cascaded Transfilling Kit

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Fill your own Aithre bottles using this equipment designed to be easy for use by first-time fillers.  This kit includes everything you need to fill your own bottles at home or from your vehicle.  

Included are two Mountain High brand 682L large aluminum aviation portable tanks and one MH-Aithre transfilling hose.  An Aithre carbon fiber bottle must be purchased separately.  


  • 2 682L aluminum aviation portable oxygen tanks with CGA-540 valves
  • 1 custom transfilling hose for filling the Aithre bottle


  • Aithre bottle

The 682L tanks can be used to repeatedly transfer pure oxygen to your Aithre carbon fiber bottle (e.g. the 47L or the 152L Aithre bottle).  Having two 682L tanks allows them to be cascaded, where you first fill with one tank.  As the pressure in that tank gradually drops due to prior transfills, the second tank can be used to top off the Aithre bottle.  Once the first tank is depleted, it can be refilled and the second tank can be moved into the first position.  

The 682L tanks are DOT aviation portable oxygen tanks and can be filled at many local smaller airports with Aviation Breathing Oxygen (ABO 99.99% pure oxygen for breathing).  We can help you find your nearest local airport with oxygen.  

Refilling instructions can be found here.